Are Your !!! MIA?




Are you seeing the dreary monotony in the eyes of many – and perhaps mirrored in your own?

Are you hearing from friends, family, and the people you encounter day to day…

“I’m bored.” “I’m  tired.” “I’m disinterested in everything.”

And you are recognizing the same lifeless “air out of your tires” feeling?

The exclamation points of living are Missing In Action for a LOT of people.

AND there is good news!

The uncertainty, the change from the way things “always were” have stolen the !!! from many – GOOD NEWS…

This is a perfectly normal result of what we have collectively experienced over the past 3+ years.

MORE good news…

It isn’t who you really are. It is what you, or those you encounter are now experiencing, and every experience is an opportunity to become more empowered or more victimized.

AND the BEST news…YOU are the one who gets to decide whether any given set of circumstances will take you down or raise you up.

It is time to get your excitement back, claim your mojo, find the joy.

It is YOUR !!!

I forgive myself for believing this funk defines me.

I give myself permission to experience my !!! again

I choose to experience my !!! – even if I am not sure where it went.  It actually doesn’t matter where it went, I choose to create new !!!

Today I will create !!! when I intentionally smile at the first person I see.

I can also create !!! when I look out my window and breathe in the view.

I remember feeling really !!! when I (think about a great experience from your past and be specific)

It is my !!! and I am creating it – no circumstance can steal it and hide it from me.

I appreciate my commitment to reclaiming my !!!

I do it in easy ways and build up my !!!

You’ve got this! As we each consciously create more !!!, the blah brightens, the flat lifts and we begin anew. The MIA becomes found, your spirit lifts.

I’d love to hear how you are finding your !!! today. I’m headed out to enjoy the sunshine. Join me in your mind and I’ll send you some backyard !!!



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There is a LOT of a LOT going on right now!

Overwhelm. Exhaustion. Spinning. Hamster Wheel.

These are the most common feelings I am hearing from my clients and witnessing in my day to day encounters.

The world has sped up – and our pre-2020 ability to juggle and manage has been depleted.

The overwhelm is real. The exhaustion is warranted. The spinning is a reasonable reaction.

AND – You don’t have to be a spinning out, a victim to the changes and circumstances around you. You are not a hamster.

You are human and humans have the gift of choice.

Moment to moment it might not feel like you have a choice, but you always do.

You can respond instead of react.

You can choose to create calm instead of being swept away by the chaos.

You can take a deep breath and focus on how you want to feel.

Your Intention.

I’m quite sure hamsters don’t have these skills.

You do.

forgive myself for believing I have to stay in this overwhelm and exhaustion. I don’t like spinning.

I give myself permission to create calm – that is my intention. I don’t like reacting to the chaos.

choose to learn to set clear intention so I can respond with calm.

choose how I want to BE.

I am free to focus on my intention and find a simple way to create calm for myself today – regardless of what is happening around me.

I am free to set my daily intention of how I want to feel.

Today it is calm.

A place where I feel calm is …

A person I know who models calm is …

I am setting the intention to BEcome more calm, and I am grateful.

Join me for Setting Clear Intention. Complimentary. My gift to you.

In person in Calgary and Edmonton, or on-line wherever you are.

Invest an hour and create the practice.

You are not a Hamster.



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Wishing you could just “disappear” something?

You know. The things you just don’t want to deal with. The things that are robbing you of your creativity and joy.

Challenges. Disagreements. Debt. Sickness.

All of these are realities of life, and the idea of “just disappearing” them is not what Belief Re-patterning is about. Pretending something is fine when it is not is not OK,  it isn’t healthy nor reasonable.

What is healthy, reasonable, and what Belief Re-patterning IS about is shifting the energy of the feelings around those things. Acknowledging the “ick” and then refocusing your perception – creating a “pattern interrupt”. Stop banging your head against at the wall that doesn’t move and turn to look out the window. There is always a wall and there is always a window.

There will always be challenges. Acknowledge, then focus on your accomplishments.

Disagreements are real. Acknowledge. then notice where you experience agreement.

Debt is draining and is real. Where can you notice abundance?

When I was really sick I hurt all over. Everything seemed to be wrong. And then I began to turn my attention to what did feel ok in my body – sometimes it was as simple as saying to myself “My eyelashes feel fine and are doing an awesome job of keeping dust out of my eyes.”

Or “My fingernails are protecting my fingers well”

I know – it seems simple and maybe a bit silly. But it worked because your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between big or small, real or imagined.

Let the “ick” feelings point you toward something better.

What you want more of instead of what you don’t want.

What I discovered was that the “ick” no longer ran my life.

This weekend, in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, we move to Daylight Savings. Notice it isn’t called “Let’s disappear an hour” Focus on what we are creating. More light.

The hour simply gets dropped – and however you feel about this practice, you can use it to your advantage.

First acknowledge what you have in your life that you don’t want

Then determine how you would rather feel.

Clutter could point you toward creating more clarity.

Frustration reminds us to feel calm.

Overwhelm might be nudging me toward relaxation.

Next, mindfully place what you would like to “disappear” into that hour tonight

Then create more of whatever supportive feeling you would rather experience.

Reinforce by finding examples of the supportive feeling.

It may seem awkward or weird or even trite at first. Trust me –instead of being mired in the things you don’t want by implementing this simple practice you will become very good at focusing on what you DO want.

I forgive myself for believing I need to hang out in the “ick”

This “ick” could be inviting me to shift my feelings to… (clarity, happiness, calm – you decide!)

I choose to put the old “ick” into the disappearing hour, and consciously create…

One way I could feel… today is by…

I remember feeling… when I… (use your memory to create the uplifting feeling with a specific example)

I am consciously creating more…

I am so grateful to my mind for helping me create more…

Here’s to moving toward the light – in a mindful, practical and easy way. You can, and you will. Your mind is super powerful.

Decide to engage the power.



Something to warm you Solstice 2022

It is a bitterly cold day. Thermometer at -34C when I woke up. It “warmed up” to -30C by 10:30, and the wind chill factor is now -38C… a full six degrees warmer than the -44C it was when I opened my eyes. The sun sets this afternoon at 4:29pm, and rises tomorrow at 8:38am. One minute short of 18 hours of darkness. A forecasted “high” of -28C!

It is the eve of Solstice. The rhythms of the natural world are in sync, and the Northern Hemisphere is once again shifting from darkness and cold toward the light, and the warmth that comes with it. We still have months of winter ahead, however the Solstice creates hope and belief that the current cold darkness is not permanent.
It is bitterly cold and dark.

forgive myself for believing it will always be like this.

I give myself permission to find the warmth and the light.

choose to focus on where there is warmth and where I can see light.

I am grateful for the open-hearted warmth of those around me during this holiday season.

I am free to let the light in this afternoon as I *turn on my decorations!*

will also experience warmth as I *read in front of the fireplace this evening.*

am free to experience increased warmth and light as I listen to Salsa for Solstice, included in this email!

know what warmth and light feel like, I experienced when I *listened to Phil playing guitar last night!*

I am increasing the light and warmth in myself, and it ripples out to others.

I am grateful for the light and warmth I have – and I willingly share it with others.

*My examples above are for illustration – say the phrases with your own examples and feel the warmth and light increase within your body, mind and soul!*

I’m including a brand new tune of Phil’s. He wrote it last week as he was recording his greatly anticipate Seasonal Album! Salsa for Solstice is the first track on his just released recording “I’m Telling You Why”.
May it bring light and warmth to you!

I am off to assemble Christmas Hampers at the Food Bank.

So grateful for the light and warmth I have to share.


The Power of Kindness

It usually doesn’t cost much, and yet it is always priceless.

It is always a possibility, and it expands exponentially.

It feels good to give and to receive.

A simple act of kindness ripples out, like a pebble dropped into water.

I was wondering what message to write today, and the word “kind” came to mind.

And then I looked up at the muted TV screen in front of me, and the banner on the evening news story read The Power of Kindness”. It was, literally, “a sign”.

Kind words, kind thoughts, kind actions. Powerful.

I give myself permission to BE kind.

I choose to explore BEing mindfully kind – to myself and others.

I reflect on the kindness I received today as well as the kindness I extended.

A little kindness goes a long way.

A lot of kindness changes the world.

Someone needs your kindness today – and do remember to give some to the person looking back at you from your mirror.

Kindness is powerful.