Tranquility and Flow – in all areas of your life

There is nothing as soothing to my ear than the sound of water flowing, and I am so grateful to the original owner of our home who installed this beautiful backyard stream! I’m spending a lot of time out here, thinking about flow and tranquility. I am enjoying the summer and hope you are as well!

I’m also noticing some big storm clouds on the horizon for a lot of people. It is a heaviness that will only grow as summer turns to fall, and the reality of the financial challenges multiply. The financial storm clouds are real, and they are not going away on their own.

Costs have gone up – gas prices and grocery bills are an everyday reminder, and for those excited to get away for a holiday, the cost of hotels and car rentals are enough to dampen your spirits.

Take a good look at your financial situation. It isn’t the same as it was.

AND there is a way to create tranquility and flow, even during these inflationary times.

I teamed up with Behavioural Cash Flow Specialist Maura Shaftoe to support you in acknowledging and then dissolving the financial storm clouds that may be building up in your personal and business finances.

forgive myself for believing my financial future will take care of itself.

I give myself permission to create positive flow in my finances.

choose to create positive flow and calm around the financial changes that are happening.

I am free to be supported in creating a more empowering relationship with my money.  

I focus on what has worked in my financial world, and create new behaviours from there.

No blame, shame, or pressure to buy financial products – just honest education. It isn’t about making a budget, it is about creating flow by uncovering and transforming your relationship with money.

Behaviours shift as beliefs are re-patterned. Applying Belief Re-patterning specifically to your financial behaviours creates empowerment and is life changing.

We will help you identify and build on your strengths, and learn from and transform what isn’t working the way you would like it to.

Create tranquility and flow with your finances.

Join us live in Airdrie for:

Do Money Like It Makes Sense in Business August 17

Or Do Money Like It Makes Sense at Home August 18

Not in the area or can’t make it live?

Check out our Home Study option Behaviours and Beliefs

Improve your relationship with money and create tranquility and flow in your finances. You deserve it!



Belief Re-patterning 2022-07-07 00:31:44

Unexpected expenses, cause stress and that stress is not good for you. I know that many people think they should have an emergency fund, but have you ever really put it together? That’s where I was about 20 years ago until I re-patterned and decided to create a Peace of Mind fund. You may not have heard of it because I made up the name for me knowing saving money to create Peace of Mind is way easier than putting money into an emergency fund. Why? because you do want to save and create peace of mind. You don’t want to think about the possibility of an emergency – and so human nature pushes aside the emergency fund until often it is too late and the unexpected expense has occurred.

Maybe you are thinking “I’ll put it on my credit card.”…but then the credit card needs paying… And then there’s interest and that causes stress.

It is time to create peace of mind around your finances – present and future.

I’m tired of financial stress. I forgive myself for believing I need to carry it any longer. 

I give myself permission to create peace of mind around my finances, even if I’m not sure how. 

I can continue to have stress around my financial situation, or I can create more peace of mind. I’m the one who chooses.  

I am free to begin to create more peace of mind around my finances today by… (starting a Peace of Mind account, and investigating what support Suze and Maura offer)

know what peace of mind feels like, I experienced it when I… 

I am creating more peace of mind around my finances, and that feels… 

I’m grateful to myself for dissolving that old financial stress and creating more peace of mind. 

Unexpected expenses will always happen. Proactively creating a plan so that you can navigate them with Peace of Mind makes sense. Do Money Like it Makes Sense. Join Maura and I either online for the virtual course Behaviors and Beliefs or in person in Airdrie in August. Whether you are an entrepreneur or looking at your personal finances – 2 days, your choice.  And watch for the “After” pictures. Unexpected Expense transformed into Beautiful Renovation with Peace of Mind!

Let’s do this, together.



Do Money Like It Makes Sense in Business

Do Money Like It Makes Sense at Home

Building MY Financial Foundation Online

Is Your Money Story Working For You?

Money. We all have stories around it. Some of those stories support us, and some do not. Anxiety, shame, confusion – all real feelings – are wrapped into the stories we tell ourselves. The feelings are real.

I used to feel physically ill when I had to do taxes with my accountant, nervous when talking with my clients about fees, uncomfortable talking with my partner around household finances. I had a story that money made me anxious. The feelings were real, and debilitating.

The feelings didn’t come from money, but rather the STORY I had about money. Moving Day – I was 9. How exciting – Mary, across the street had just turned 10! As kids do, we had easy conversation. I told her the price of our house. Mary told her parents, and when Mary’s Dad, a Bank Manager, crossed the street to meet my parents he mentioned what a great deal they received on the house. When he left, my parents sat me down in our new kitchen and had me write “I will NOT talk about money to others” – three full pages of lines. My excitement turned to shame, fear and the feeling that I was bad, and so was money.

That 15 minutes wrote my money story for decades. Without me realizing, it informed my financial decisions, created poor money habits, and caused physical and emotional challenges. The lesson I took from that day created a story that it wasn’t good to talk about money, and I had to do it all on my own.

I realized I needed to rewrite the story I had around money. I re-patterned. I shifted the anxiety, the discomfort and the fear and created feelings of calm, ease and confidence around money. I rewrote the story.

Shifting the emotions creates a new story.

For the past 25 years I’ve let this new story of abundance, prosperity and worth inform my financial decisions, build supportive money habits, and create physical and emotional well-being.

I am committed to help you do the same.

forgive myself for believing any unsupportive stories I have around money and finances.

I give myself permission to shift the unsupportive story by re-patterning the emotional ties.

choose to have supportive conversations around money, and feel confident and calm.

I am free to do that today as I explore new possibilities.

know how it feels to transform an old, unsupportive story – I’ve done it before.

Now I am doing it around money.

I am grateful I shifted the energy I was holding around money, and I’m excited to guide you in creating money stories that support you and your dreams. It all starts with shifting the energy to allow supportive conversations around money.

Let’s do this, together.



Give Yourself the Gift of Wonder

Travel is not simple these days, but it is worth it! We wondered if we could do it – staying healthy, focused and relaxed – and we have!

Seeing family and friends after 3.5 years has been golden, and worth all the hoops, paperwork, tests and lineups. Sydney gave us a grand farewell with Vivid – a celebratory light show on buildings and bridges and ferries! Join me for a quick wander and wonder through the CBS and Circular Quay. Families smiling and everyone joyful.

Focusing on the wonder got us through the challenges.

forgive myself for believing I need to focus on the 3.5 hour check-in and security process @ Sydney Airport this morning.

I give myself permission to focus on all the wonderful gifts of this trip!

choose to relax and focus on the smiles, hugs, music, laughter and meaningful conversations.

I am free to relax and think about how fabulous it was to dive off the boat and into the ocean!

I know how to relax and sleep on this 15 hour flight – I do it every time!

I am relaxed and I am grateful for my ability to re-pattern and stay calm so I could successfully navigate this morning’s challenges!

Here’s to our 42 hour Wednesday June 8th and for giving ourselves and our family this gift!

What Gift of Wonder will you treat yourself to? You are so worth it!!  



Focus on the Olives

I can focus on the rain. I can focus on the sunshine. OR I can focus on the olives!
I get to choose. Minute to moment to breath, each decision builds the landscape of my life.
I give myself permission to focus on and really absorb the wonderful treasures of this day. Sleeping in. A hot shower. Great conversations with dear friends. The amazing rainbow. Rain dripping off the gum nuts on the eucalyptus tree outside my window. The jar of homegrown, homemade olives. A piece of cheese, a loaf of sourdough bread, a bottle of Aussie Shiraz and the sounds of one of Australia’s finest songwriters practicing downstairs. I’m blessed, and I know it.
Where are you placing your focus? Be conscious of what you are absorbing. 

I’m building the landscape of my life. A life well-lived, much enjoyed, and spaciously loved.

I get to choose for me – and you get to choose for you.