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Looking for some ideas to deal with a tough individual?

Want to move through some old ways and create a new way of being?

Have a question regarding how to navigate a challenging situation?

Want to share a comment about re-patterning?

Weekly I explore a new way of applying Belief Re-patterning to the issues we all face – from parenting to partnering, from childhood to something that happened today that pushed your button, challenges that are financial to physical,…and everything in-between. It’s about life, and how to navigate it.

Practical, informative and interesting, “Flipping the Switch with Suze Casey” is broadcast live on Contact Talk Radio Thursdays 3:00 p.m.(MT) 5:00 p.m.(ET) 2:00 p.m.(PT)


Ready to re-pattern? Call me toll-free at 877-230-3062 (toll-free) during the live broadcast and I will re-pattern with you.

Remain as anonymous as you choose. No need to revisit the story or relate any specifics in order to shift the energy.

Not available during the live show? Send your question in here ………. I’ll address it on air and let you know when!

All episodes are podcast and available “on demand” – listen when it works for you. Better yet, download the Belief Re-patterning mobile app for easy access to the entire archive on-the-go!

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