Developer of Belief Re-patterning

An up-lifting and down-to-earth author, teacher, speaker, practitioner and entrepreneur, Suze has helped thousands of individuals, organizations and companies claim vibrant physical, spiritual, emotional and financial well-being through the technique she developed over the last 25 years, opening her private full-time practice in 2001.

We teach what we need to learn. Fascinated with the mysteries of the human mind – how we learn, change and come to know our own truths, Suze Casey is dedicated to teaching individuals to believe in themselves and consciously create a joyful life from a place of personal respect and self-love.

Suze assists you to move out of the “stuck place”, supports you in creating positive belief structures, and embracing your potential.  It may be the way things have been – but it doesn’t need to be the way things are in the future. Suze supports you in changing those old patterns and reframing your perceptions allowing you to live your own truth purposefully, from a place of inner peace.

She delights in working with her clients through consultations, coaching, keynotes, courses, and corporate seminars. Suze is committed to helping you navigate life’s challenges with ease. She continues to train licensed practitioners to meet the demand for this amazing personal – and professional – development technique.

In addition to dynamic conference addresses and integrative workshops, she meets with individuals, couples, and family groupings in person, by Skype, or phone. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this engaging author, radio personality and professional educator has supported clients from all walks of life from all parts of the world in proactively strengthening their personal Inner Coach so that when the Inner Critic shows up – as it inevitably will – there is someone reasonable to talk to!