Things can change with the Flip of a Switch

10 years ago today I got up and decided that it was time to remove my profile from the computer dating service I had been on for several months. I’d met some very nice men, no one in particular and I just knew it was time to be off-line. I sat down at my computer and was about to hit the delete button on my profile when “you have a new match” message popped up.

I took a deep breath and I almost deleted it and then I listen to my inner coach that whispered “Open it”.

I am so grateful that I did. The match turned out to be THE MATCH! It was my first connection with Phil. My life changed in that moment. I read his profile and answered immediately: “Writer, composer, musician, philosopher – you have my complete attention” – and he still does!

This weekend we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary of meeting and the beginning of the most amazing partnership. Big things can happen with the flip of a switch.

forgive myself for believing that big things have to be hard.

I give myself permission to allow the universe to work its magic.

choose to create the space for the universe to step in and meet my needs.

I am free to allow the universe to work its magic tonight as I meet a potential new tenant.

Is there an area of your life where you’ve been trying to manage the universe? Where you’ve been trying to work out all the details? Trying to make something happen on your timeline? Is there someplace where you may be able to step back, take a deep breath and trust – and give the universe space to work its magic?

I am passionate about helping everyone live the life that they deserve and desire and dream of. I’m here to support you. 



PS: the day Phil and I met we both deleted our online dating profiles. We just knew.

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