The Truth Is…

These common phrases are responsible for you feeling stuck.

That’s just the way it is…

In fact…




In my experience…


“Up until now”

Our minds create our facts based on our experiences to date, and yet change is constant.

Our perception of reality and the truths we have constructed for ourselves are subject to revision and review moment to moment.

If your truth supports you, your perceptions allow you to enjoy your life, your world view encourages your creativity and contributions, reinforce it!

Your Constructed Reality has kept you alive. You learned something that supported you or explained what was happening in a way you could understand at the time. However, you may be locked into patterns that no longer serve you, create anxiety or depression, put you into tail spins or cause reactive behaviours. Everyone is to some degree.

Consider this incorporating this simple phrase which interrupts your habitual thought pattern.

“Up until now”

Three simple words that are a powerful opening of your mind to learning a new possibility and invite you to step forward and into something that works better for you now.

forgive myself for believing the way things have been is the way they are going to stay.

I give myself permission to be open to possibilities.

I can hang onto the way things have been, or I can open to learning something new. I choose to incorporate “Up until now…”

I am open to considering another perspective today when I…

remember learning a new way of looking at things that really supported me, it happened when I…

am open to learning new perspectives and possibilities that support me.

am grateful for my ability to recognize my beliefs are based on “Up until now” and I can choose to experience things differently.

What would you tell someone 20 years ago that they would not believe?

My favorite response: Everyone would have a personal device they could carry in their pocket that would give them free access on demand to all of the knowledge and information in the world… and they mostly use it to share cute cat photos.

Reality changes, truth evolves, all are subjective.

We have the superpowers of learning and choice.



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