This is as good as it gets!

Have you ever thought “This is as good as it gets”?

For the last couple of months I’ve been enjoying fresh mangos – daily. I thought it was as good as it got…until I saw a basket of these beauties at the market, and had real life proof of “Something EVEN Better!” A mango that feeds 4 -I wouldn’t have been able to imagine it, until I saw it.

A simple illustration of the power of holding the space for “Something EVEN Better”.

What are you experiencing that you’ve been thinking “This is as good as it gets”? think about that as you read through this simple re-patterning series!

I forgive myself for believing this is as good as it gets!

I am enjoying this, and I remain open to additional possibilities.

This is wonderful and I choose to be open to additional possibilities!

I am free to be open to possibilities as I enjoy what is present now.

I have experienced things getting EVEN better than I had imagined, it happened when…

I am open to possibilities.

I am grateful for what is happening now, and hold the space for expansion!

Whenever you are thinking “This is as good as it gets”, give gratitude – and then allow for the magic, the possibilities with “Something EVEN Better”.

Practice being appreciative of what IS, while being open for “Something EVEN Better”.

I’d love to hear about the magic you welcome in!

Belief Re-patterning works to help you out of tough times.

Something EVEN Better?

Use it to reinforce the good.

Remember the mango that satisfied four of us!



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Root Cause

Have you ever thought… “I’ve just got to get to the root of this problem.”

Actually, you don’t.

It does feel like if you could just get to the bottom of things, you could sort it all out, but if that worked, most everything would have been solved ages ago. Digging around in the dirt, hanging out in the muck is actually counter-productive. What you focus on expands. Where attention goes, energy flows. And we would all agree we don’t need anymore of “the problem.”

So what to do? Give up? Throw our hands up in the air? Also counter-productive.

Let’s look to nature for a possible solution…

When a plant isn’t thriving, we don’t dig it up to look at the roots in order to figure out what’s wrong. That is a sure way to the plant becoming more stressed. Instead, we give the plant what it needs to thrive – more sunshine or more shade, more water or more nutrients.

If a close friend was going through a tough spot, you don’t go digging around trying to find the root of the problem. You show them kindness, consideration, love – in other words, you nurture them and give them what they need to be strong and solid.

Give this same gift to yourself. Focus on nurturing yourself. More kindness, more understanding, more gentleness – this is what allows you to flourish and grow through the challenge. Once your feet are solid under you again, that is the time you can make a decision for “next time”, however when you are In the middle of the muck you actually don’t have the capacity to figure it out. You are in fight, flight, fright survival mode. Nurturing yourself creates the conditions for you to heal, strengthen and grow.

I forgive myself for believing I need to get to the root of the problem.

I give myself permission to nurture myself and shift my energy to creating what supports me.

I can dig up the old stuff, or I can nurture myself and grow – I choose to nurture myself and grow.

I am free to nurture myself with more kindness today.

I remember being kind to myself in a nurturing way when I (give yourself a specific example of when this worked to pull you out of the muck)

This situation is an opportunity for me to be more nurturing to myself.

I am grateful for my own nurturing – it makes a difference!

Imagine all the energy you have spent in the past “trying to get to the root of it”. What might you be able to create by shifting all of that energy to nurturing yourself?

Try it on, and let me know!



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It isn’t Always What it Seems

Canadian Thanksgiving weekend – there’s a coolness in the air, the leaves are turning yellow, meals inside as the warmth of summer fades into memory.

But not this year – there is a different perspective.

For those in Alberta, a late season heat wave has summer temperatures making Thanksgiving Dinner out on the deck a reality, and fall sweaters left behind on extended walks.

I’m looking at brilliant golden leaves against a bright blue sky – yet here on the Central Coast of Australia it is spring. Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated here – with the exception of Norfolk Island, an External Territory of Australia with a population of 1,750 and a 2.5 hour flight from Sydney. Thanksgiving on Norfolk Island is a legacy from the American whaling ships who would make frequent stops to the island during the late 1800’s, but the average Australian knows little of turkey dinner with cranberry sauce.

So although the tree has yellow leaves, it isn’t fall, and although the grocery store seems to be the same as what I am used to in Canada, you can’t buy a turkey, cranberries, or graham cracker crumbs for the pie crust. What they call pumpkin is what we call squash, and no one could imagine pumpkin pie which explains why canned pumpkin isn’t on the shelves. I could have ordered it on-line for $15/can, minimum order of 2 with $10 shipping, along with frozen cranberries at $23.99 for a 500g bag. I just wasn’t THAT grateful!

I did manage to source a turkey after many calls. It was 3.3 kg, just over 7lbs, and $45 and not enough for the 14 invited to the table. Note to self, next time source the ingredients before offering to make a Canadian Thanksgiving meal for extended family and friends!

I could have given in and served fresh oysters, roast lamb and pavlova – but I wanted to share Canadian Thanksgiving, so I got creative and did some work arounds.

I forgive myself for believing things always have to be the same.

I give myself permission to be creative and be willing to expand my perspective.

I choose to willingly expand my perspective when things aren’t how I thought they would be,

I am free to approach new and unusual situations with creativity and possibility.

I know how to do this, it happened when … (for me reinventing traditional Thanksgiving recipes – when did it happen for you with great results?)

I am creative and willing to shift my perspective.

I am grateful to myself for operating in creativity and possibilities.

Part way through the preparations I texted my neighbour in Canada and told her of the challenges. She replied “You totally got this. If it does not taste like Canada, they won’t know. It will taste different than Australia. That is all that matters.”

True wisdom there.

It all turned out magnificently. Everyone loved the uniqueness of the flavours. My mother-in-law raved about my mother’s cranberry relish which I made with dried cranberries instead of fresh, and were blown away by the pumpkin pie which they couldn’t even imagine eating prior, and now can’t imagine living without it.

Increased gratitude in the world, one piece of pumpkin pie at a time. One gesture of peaceful possibility, moment to moment. Sharing, caring and giving thanks.

It isn’t always as it seems. It is always powerful and healing.



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Why Is It So Hard?

You know you “should” think positively – and it seems impossible when circumstances pile up, people around you are dumping in your direction or life in general knocks you over.

It seems impossible, because it is – unless you have trained yourself.

Humans are wired to go to the negative. All animals are. It is a survival mechanism. We are wired to stay alive, so any change to our environment whether large or small, kick into gear our survival instincts.

Think of any animal – a cat, a horse, a mouse – they all approach new situations with a tentative nature. They call all their senses into play – looking around, sniffing the air, pricking their ears up, stepping forward cautiously, their heart rate increases allowing them to move quickly if needed. They stay on high alert until they are sure the new situation is safe.and then they relax.

We are animals, and it is the same for us – whenever there is a change in our environment or situation we go into fight, flight and fear. The difference between animals and humans is that we often forget to check in to see if we are safe. We don’t relax. We stay in fight, flight, fear. When we are in this heightened state it is challenging to remember to look on the bright side. In fact, it is nearly impossible. The energy is strong, and often our imagination moves us to the “what if…” places of worry, doubt and anxiety. Your instinctual will to live has kicked in. Every bit of your bandwidth is focused on surviving. Fight, flight, fear. We forget to check in to see if what is happening is really life threatening. We create more frustration, anxiety, unease – and we don’t have ready access to our creativity, our intuition, our good ideas. Unable to think straight yet most people make decisions, both small and lifechanging, from this deficit place.

Which is why you want to train yourself to transform this strong survival energy into learning – so you are able to create what you truly want – from what I call the “up-side” of the line. The place where you can easily access your intuition, your creativity, your wisdom and your knowledge.

I forgive myself for believing I need to stay in that fight, flight, fear reactive place.

I give myself permission to transform that energy into learning.

I chose to learn and move forward from whatever changes happen.

I am free to learn and move forward today when I…

I know what it feels like to overcome that fight, flight, fear place – I learned and moved forward when I …

I am transforming reactive energy into proactive learning energy.

I am grateful for training myself to do this as my normal way of BEing.

You are wired to reactively survive – which is good.

You are also wired to proactively learn, which is something even better.

Create the habit of transforming the energy when your survival buttons are pushed.

Use this energy to move forward. Learn. Re-pattern.



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Yes. It is a really long flight!

Twenty-four hours from airport to airport – Calgary, Canada to Sydney, Australia.

I love it – not just the arriving, but the journey itself.

A short and familiar hop across the Rockies to Vancouver with 4 hour connection could be irritating, and I watched many passengers pacing, checking and rechecking the Departure Board. We set our timer and then wandered the terminal – appreciating the stunning native art, the lovely seafood restaurant and a quiet gate where we could stretch out.

And then it is time! Others call it the “long haul” across the Pacific, I refer to it as leaping the equator and the International Time Zone in a state of near suspended animation, away from distractions and demands.

Others find it boring and monotonous – I welcome the opportunity to just be.

The daily expectations and “should, must, have tos” melt away to respecting others and delighting in the self-indulgence of reading, listening to music, watching a movie, sleeping, napping and quiet contemplation – the only requirement being all from the seatbelt of 20A. It becomes my sanctuary, there are few interruptions and I already know my answers to beef or chicken, cold or hot breakfast, and red or white.

I read a wonderful novel cover to cover, slept for more than 9 of the 16.5 hours and played Suduko and Crib to my heart’s desire.

forgive myself for believing I need to focus on the constraints of what I can’t do.

I give myself permission to be present to what supports me.

I can be irritated by constraints and dragged down by demands or I can be nurtured by what is supportive. I choose.

I am free to be present to what supports me and focus my attention there.

know how to live this way – I practiced it on the flight here.

am BEcoming more present to what supports me in my life

I am grateful for my conscious perspective – it creates more ease and enjoyment daily.

You may wonder… “What about the jet-lag?”

I keep expectations and demands at bay, sleep when I am tired, eat when I am hungry and make sure to move my body.

The trip and the jet-lag are real. So is my decision of how to perceive what is.

It is a great way to live.



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