Moments That Matter…

Reflections From Shelley Wright, Practitioner

I read this statement today in a news article — “to take a dangerous deviant behavior and normalize it by spreading it on social media” and my mind went wow!! Connection!!

And within the moment of awareness of connection I knew my trained brain switched into Belief Re-patterning mode. Or “mental gymnastics” as I like to think of it!

Let me explain fully.

It started with the headline, What is BORG drinking and why is it a dangerous trend?

I am no longer young or naïve. I remember being in my 20’s drinking with my friend in her apartment before heading to the bar. We did this to manage our money and to begin our own party. I have 20 something children and heard them speak of “Pre-Gaming” in which the concept is quite similar to my personal experience. But BORG!! I was curious and read the article that lead to my opening statement. For those who are unfamiliar the article notes that BORG stands for Blackout Rage Gallon. This term refers to a concoction prepared in a gallon size plastic jug that typically contains vodka or other distilled alcohol, water, a flavour enhancer and an electrolyte powder or drink.

As a parent who has taught my children our family’s core values and watch them make these trending choices that are dangerous, deviant behaviors that are being normalized!?

In working with parents most have observed that we cannot “control” our children’s behaviours however we can manage our own. With the learning technique of Belief re-patterning I have supported many in training their brains to navigate their responses in a clean and clear way staying true to their family’s core values.

This article confirms that our young adult children desire social inclusion. But the trends that are being normalized by social media are missing the mark!!I believe what they are really looking for are deep personal connections.

And this is how I got there:

I forgive myself for believing I’ve not taught my children true connections.

I give myself permission to BE who I really am and that is connected.

I can choose to rant my disapproval or I can choose to BE connected I am free to build connection within myself today when I go for a walk and breath in the fresh air.

I remember when I felt connected with my children and how heartwarming and strong that connection is.

I know I am connected to my children in a strong nurturing way, and I bring that to this situation now.

I am a mother who values connections with my children.

I am grateful for the opportunity and honour in raising my children in this foundational way.

This is Belief Re-patterning and they support my good mental well being.

I am Shelley Wright, Facilitator and Practitioner of this Amazing Technique and I am available to support you too. Connect with me: [email protected]


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Things can change with the Flip of a Switch

10 years ago today I got up and decided that it was time to remove my profile from the computer dating service I had been on for several months. I’d met some very nice men, no one in particular and I just knew it was time to be off-line. I sat down at my computer and was about to hit the delete button on my profile when “you have a new match” message popped up.

I took a deep breath and I almost deleted it and then I listen to my inner coach that whispered “Open it”.

I am so grateful that I did. The match turned out to be THE MATCH! It was my first connection with Phil. My life changed in that moment. I read his profile and answered immediately: “Writer, composer, musician, philosopher – you have my complete attention” – and he still does!

This weekend we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary of meeting and the beginning of the most amazing partnership. Big things can happen with the flip of a switch.

forgive myself for believing that big things have to be hard.

I give myself permission to allow the universe to work its magic.

choose to create the space for the universe to step in and meet my needs.

I am free to allow the universe to work its magic tonight as I meet a potential new tenant.

Is there an area of your life where you’ve been trying to manage the universe? Where you’ve been trying to work out all the details? Trying to make something happen on your timeline? Is there someplace where you may be able to step back, take a deep breath and trust – and give the universe space to work its magic?

I am passionate about helping everyone live the life that they deserve and desire and dream of. I’m here to support you. 



PS: the day Phil and I met we both deleted our online dating profiles. We just knew.

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The Truth Is…

These common phrases are responsible for you feeling stuck.

That’s just the way it is…

In fact…




In my experience…


“Up until now”

Our minds create our facts based on our experiences to date, and yet change is constant.

Our perception of reality and the truths we have constructed for ourselves are subject to revision and review moment to moment.

If your truth supports you, your perceptions allow you to enjoy your life, your world view encourages your creativity and contributions, reinforce it!

Your Constructed Reality has kept you alive. You learned something that supported you or explained what was happening in a way you could understand at the time. However, you may be locked into patterns that no longer serve you, create anxiety or depression, put you into tail spins or cause reactive behaviours. Everyone is to some degree.

Consider this incorporating this simple phrase which interrupts your habitual thought pattern.

“Up until now”

Three simple words that are a powerful opening of your mind to learning a new possibility and invite you to step forward and into something that works better for you now.

forgive myself for believing the way things have been is the way they are going to stay.

I give myself permission to be open to possibilities.

I can hang onto the way things have been, or I can open to learning something new. I choose to incorporate “Up until now…”

I am open to considering another perspective today when I…

remember learning a new way of looking at things that really supported me, it happened when I…

am open to learning new perspectives and possibilities that support me.

am grateful for my ability to recognize my beliefs are based on “Up until now” and I can choose to experience things differently.

What would you tell someone 20 years ago that they would not believe?

My favorite response: Everyone would have a personal device they could carry in their pocket that would give them free access on demand to all of the knowledge and information in the world… and they mostly use it to share cute cat photos.

Reality changes, truth evolves, all are subjective.

We have the superpowers of learning and choice.



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I feel Like I’ve Been Holding My Breath

I woke to those words a couple of nights ago. They have been rattling around in my head ever since.

Then today I saw a post that said “It’s the 4 year anniversary of the 2 week lockdown”, and I understood – the isolation, the masks, the distancing started 4 years ago.

It’s been a rollercoaster of open for business and stay 6 feet apart.

And I realized that I have been waiting for the next thing… the next emergency… the next lockdown.

So, I did for myself what I would do for a client. I poured myself a big glass of water, sat down with my 999 words, and asked: Is there a word to support me to re-pattern that feeling of “holding my breath”?


I forgive myself for believing I need to hold my breath

I give myself permission to allow myself to breathe

I can choose to hold that old ICK, or I can choose to breathe deeply… I choose what supports me – and I choose to breathe deeply.

I am free to allow myself to breathe today when I take my dog, Bear, for a long walk and breathe in the fresh air and sunshine

I know what it’s like to breathe freely, I felt it when I stood on the beach and took a big deep breath of ocean air last year while on vacation.

I DO breathe freely and deeply… and that feels invigorating!

I am grateful to myself for consciously breathing deeply – that reminds me that I am alive!

While I may not know what tomorrow is going to be, I do know that I can choose how I show up for it. 



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This is as good as it gets!

Have you ever thought “This is as good as it gets”?

For the last couple of months I’ve been enjoying fresh mangos – daily. I thought it was as good as it got…until I saw a basket of these beauties at the market, and had real life proof of “Something EVEN Better!” A mango that feeds 4 -I wouldn’t have been able to imagine it, until I saw it.

A simple illustration of the power of holding the space for “Something EVEN Better”.

What are you experiencing that you’ve been thinking “This is as good as it gets”? think about that as you read through this simple re-patterning series!

I forgive myself for believing this is as good as it gets!

I am enjoying this, and I remain open to additional possibilities.

This is wonderful and I choose to be open to additional possibilities!

I am free to be open to possibilities as I enjoy what is present now.

I have experienced things getting EVEN better than I had imagined, it happened when…

I am open to possibilities.

I am grateful for what is happening now, and hold the space for expansion!

Whenever you are thinking “This is as good as it gets”, give gratitude – and then allow for the magic, the possibilities with “Something EVEN Better”.

Practice being appreciative of what IS, while being open for “Something EVEN Better”.

I’d love to hear about the magic you welcome in!

Belief Re-patterning works to help you out of tough times.

Something EVEN Better?

Use it to reinforce the good.

Remember the mango that satisfied four of us!



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