My Story

Suze tells her transformational story:

“I understood the concept of positive thinking, but implementing it when I was in the depths of despair felt impossible. Everything I had tried worked—sort of. I was trying to walk the talk, and I got it intellectually, but a lot of the time, I felt like a fraud. You see, when I was tired, hungry, or emotionally stressed, I would forget all the enlightened stuff I knew, and doubts, fears, and anger would immobilize me. I knew I needed to stop thinking that there was something wrong with me. I simply held certain beliefs that triggered habitual behavior and thought patterns. I hadn’t consciously created my current reality, but I could be more conscious about creating my future. I wondered how I could consciously flip the switch on my inner conversations, and then train my subconscious mind to do it automatically. I began by observing my self-talk. Supportive thoughts I called my Inner Coach, and I named the non-supportive thoughts my Inner Critic. I realized that my Inner Coach spoke to me the way I spoke to my partner, my students, and my children. With all of the personal and professional-development courses that I had attended and taught, with all of the books I’d read, meditation I’d practiced, and journals I’d filled, it had never occurred to me to consciously speak to myself that way.”

…excerpts from the Preface of Belief Re-patterning: The Amazing Technique for ‘Flipping the Switch’ to Positive Thoughts (Hay House, 2012)