Suze offers individual consultations, personal and business coaching programs. Her client base ranges in age from newborn to 90, and have a common theme of commitment to personal growth, development and change. From the day to day challenges of life and living on purpose, to more specific concerns such as addictions, health, career planning, relationship challenges, and self esteem, consultations are available in person, by telephone or Skype.

Your current reality is a product of all your learning – parents, school, work, media, society, etc. That learning is directly responsible for what you believe about yourself, and the world around you. Some of your beliefs are positive, supportive and empowering. Some are not.

Belief Re-patterning is a revolutionary technique that shifts your perspective – dissolving beliefs that do not serve you, and creating the beliefs that open the doors to the life you desire.

  • Experience Profound results
  • Live purposefully and realize your personal, business and relationship goals
  • Train your mind to make conscious choices
  • Create and live your life’s vision
  • Explore and expand your potential

Request your individual coaching session with Suze:

During a Belief Re-patterning Coaching Session you can address:

  • physical/health challenges
  • relationship issues
  • life purpose questions
  • business and career goal setting
  • challenges including; job search and business building
  • addictive behaviours
  • life changes including divorce, childbirth, death
  • parenting
  • confidence and self-esteem
  • any area you feel you need clarification, understanding or direction

What is a Belief Re-patterning Session?

Suze works with you to re-pattern old learning while creating a new more positive set of beliefs. A session is generally 50 minutes in length. All clients experience significant results with each session. You will discuss the number and frequency of sessions based on your timeline, budget and what you want to achieve.

Suze works with:

  • individuals
  • couples
  • families
  • business partners

Sessions are done in person, via telephone or virtually.

You may wish to create a list of areas you are concerned with however it isn’t necessary.

Coaching vs Individual Sessions

Seeing a doctor, dentist or personal trainer on a regular basis keeps us on top of our physical maintenance. Similarly, scheduling regular Belief Re-patterning sessions ensures significant positive results in our emotional and mental well-being.

Why invest in a Coaching Package?

  • To receive ongoing support through a specific challenge, life change or crisis
  • Belief Re-patterning is most effective and powerful when practiced on a consistent basis
  • Those who commit to themselves regularly find life flows with joyful ease
  • Having a PLAN supports you in the ups and downs in business and life

Getting started: Download and complete the “Getting Started” form and Getting-started form and follow the instructions on the form to return it to our office.