You ARE worth it!

Old patterns run deep, and when we are stressed or overtired, the way we speak to ourselves is telling. Are you as kind and understanding as you would be with a friend, or do you judge yourself harshly? One of the blessings of a good friend or a fabulous partner is that they remember who you really are when you’ve forgotten, and hold the space for you to come back to yourself.

  •  I forgive myself for believing I don’t deserve my own understanding and kindness.
  • I give myself permission to be compassionate with myself – especially when I am tired or stressed.
  • I choose to be even kinder to myself in times of stress – just like a good friend would be with me!
  • I am free to treat myself like a good friend today by …
  • I know what it feels like to be kind and understanding with outers – and I’m giving that gift to myself now!
  • I am building a stronger relationship with myself – I’m worth it!

You ARE worth it, and as you strengthen your relationship with yourself, the quality of your other relationships will also deepen!