Who Am I – REALLY?

“What do you really want?”

“I want to be just like you!”

“Oh – you want to be just like you?”

“No, I want to be just like YOU!”

An excerpt from an actual conversation that happened several years ago with a participant in one of my courses. Anne was feeling lost, and she was looking everywhere to try and find herself. Our conversation continued…

“I’m wondering…is the reason you want to be like me because I really show up as myself, and that’s what you want to do?”

Anne’s eyes got big and began to well with tears as she realized… “Yes – I just don’t know how to be just like me”.

  • I forgive myself for believing I need to be someone else in order to be OK.
  • I give myself permission to explore who I am, really, under the layers of protection.
  • choose to uncover who I really am.
  • I am free to explore being me, and have fun doing it!
  • feel most like myself when I am…… (your own specific examples)
  • I’m uncovering who I really am – claiming the parts I love and using the uncomfortable bits to learn and change.
  • am grateful for co-creating who I really am!

If you know someone having a challenge finding themselves, please point them in the direction of Belief Re-patterning. Through one of our courses, seminars, or working with a Practitioner, we guarantee they will not only uncover the truth of who they really are, but fall in love with themselves in the process!

This past weekend, I reminded myself of who I really am – a woman who adores wandering through amazing art galleries and listening to very cool music.

Where do you find yourself? I invite you to take yourself there – if only in your imagination. It’s one step closer, and that’s all it takes.



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