What would my own best Valentine Do?

My own Best Valentine would:

  • Bring me flowers – just because!
  • Write me love notes, send me cards
  • Help me with some of those tasks that drag me down
  • Listen, really listen to me
  • Make me my favorite meal!
  • Take good care of me
  • Inspire me to become my own best self

forgive myself for all the times I forgot to treat myself well.

I give myself permission to act like my own best Valentine

choose to treat myself well today by…

I am free to be my own best Valentine, all year long!

treated myself well this week by _____, and it feels ___!

I’m learning to treat myself well, and BE my own Best Valentine!

I’m grateful to myself for consciously expanding my habit of treating myself well!

Learning to love, honour, respect and cherish ourselves is the best gift we bring to the world. As we “fall in love” with ourselves, we fall in love with life, and life reciprocates. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful reminder to treat yourself to something special, tell yourself how you value yourself, complete things that drain your old energy, create time daily to go within and listen, nourish your body, mind and spirit…and above all else, make a commitment to continue to grow and learn and become your own best self!

Ready? Start now!



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