What is “Heart”?

What does it mean to live from your heart? How do you “find” your passion? The word “heart” in French is coeur – where we get the English word “courage” Living authentically takes courage – courage to step outside of the box.

Sixteen years ago this month I was feeling “beside myself”. I loved my career, all was good with my family…but something was missing. I did what I know how to do: went for a swim and asked my higher power for guidance.

“The very next day, the school board announced a cost-cutting measure: a one-time buyout program for teachers who had been with the board for 20 years or more and who held a master’s degree. I qualified. I was excited and terrified at the same time. My entire perception shifted. All day I felt as if I were watching myself from a distance. What was going on with me? I couldn’t believe I was actually considering leaving my secure, tenured position that included medical benefits and long-term disability insurance. The final bell of the day rang, and I hopped in my car and drove to my parents’ home. I could trust them to help me come to my senses..
They listened as I related the school board’s offer. After a moment of silence, my dad said, “Follow your heart.” My body relaxed. My heart began to sing. I drove home feeling profoundly peaceful.”


  • I forgive myself for believing I need to protect my heart.
  • I give myself permission to open up my heart to life.
  •  I can keep my heart hidden, or I can step into my true self and choose to live from my heart. I choose to open up my heart to life.
  • I am free to live from my heart today by …. (specific action or activity that will take less than 10 minutes and only relies on you!)
  • I am grateful to _______ for modeling what it is to live from the heart (a specific person you know or are aware of who does this in a way you admire)
  • I am open to expanding my ability to live from my heart.


If you are at a crossroads (a re-patterning term for “feeling stuck”, or in a time of transition (a re-patterning term for  “afraid of the change”), do whatever feels good to you (like go for a swim does for me!) and ask for support…


You are welcome to take my Dad’s terrific advice…Follow your Heart.

Find and then follow your own heart’s calling.