up, up and away!

Everything can be taken from us with the exception of our ability to choose our response in any given set of circumstances. (With gratitude to Vicktor Frankl who wrote about this in his ground-breaking work “Man’s Search for Meaning” c.1946).

It did me well to remember this on Tuesday. Travelling from Calgary on a 7am flight to Toronto, I was excited with the prospect of arriving mid-afternoon to my quiet hotel room in Kansas City and snuggle into the down duvet for an afternoon nap before meeting with friends I connect with at an annual event.

You see, one of those nasty bugs …… the kind that steal your voice and your energy – landed on me last week. I rarely get ill, but this one landed. And on all four feet!

I arrived in Toronto to discover that my connecting flight had been ….. cancelled!

A super helpful gal at the Customer Service Desk found me an alternate routing ….. who knew you could get to the Midwest from the West via the Eastern Seaboard?  Welcome to travel following a major winter storm!

So here I am in the Philadelphia Airport, waiting for the re-routed, re-scheduled yet once again delayed flight…

I could get frustrated – or I can go with the flow and relax.

Guess which one I chose…


  • forgive myself for believing that getting frustrated or out of sorts helps – it doesn’t.
  • give myself permission to go with the flow, relax and be productive!
  • I can be frustrated or I can relax and be productive. Either way I will arrive at my destination at the same time – I choose to relax!
  • I am free to relax, and use the experience in my Musings! That makes the time productive!
  • I know what it is like to relax and be productive at an airport lounge – everyone else is standing in line while I complete this!
  • I am relaxed and productive, and know that a beautiful down duvet is waiting for me to arrive!


A couple of things I am reminded of today:

I will get there – just maybe not the most direct way!

I choose how to use my time.

I am in complete control of my attitude today and every day….


And now we are boarding – up, up and away!