Unique Navigation

 “I should be doing better.” (a woman whose husband of 69 years passed away 2 months ago)

“I don’t have the energy I usually have.” (a man in his early 30s who was laid off 6 months ago)

 “I find myself crying over nothing.”( a friend who survived a head-on collision 3 months ago)

There is no single way of doing anything that applies to everyone. We are all unique, and how we experience love, loss, sorrow or happiness is unique. Grieving is a highly personal process – what is common for everyone is that it is a process, and it does take a great deal of energy – whether you are aware of it, or not. Whether you have lost a loved one, a job, your health or money – the formula remains the same for navigating the experience. You’ll need more sleep, better nutrition, extra water and more gentle exercise than is part of your usual routine. You’ll need more of what nurtures and supports you – that might be more quiet reflective time, or more connection with others.

When you are experiencing loss it is a time to nurture and lovingly support yourself with what feeds your soul.


  • I forgive myself for believing I should be able to do everything I could at the same level of energy and efficiency that I did before the loss.
  • I give myself permission to explore more ways of self-care.
  • I choose to slow down and give myself breathing space in my days.
  • I am free to really care for myself today by…..
  • I cared for myself deeply on the weekend when I took myself for a walk at the ocean…(put in your own specific example)
  • I am responsive to my own needs as I navigate this transition.

Part of life is growth, and part of growth is change. Loss and death are natural. Navigate these transitional times by focusing on the gifts and nurturing yourself!