Tranquility and Flow – in all areas of your life

There is nothing as soothing to my ear than the sound of water flowing, and I am so grateful to the original owner of our home who installed this beautiful backyard stream! I’m spending a lot of time out here, thinking about flow and tranquility. I am enjoying the summer and hope you are as well!

I’m also noticing some big storm clouds on the horizon for a lot of people. It is a heaviness that will only grow as summer turns to fall, and the reality of the financial challenges multiply. The financial storm clouds are real, and they are not going away on their own.

Costs have gone up – gas prices and grocery bills are an everyday reminder, and for those excited to get away for a holiday, the cost of hotels and car rentals are enough to dampen your spirits.

Take a good look at your financial situation. It isn’t the same as it was.

AND there is a way to create tranquility and flow, even during these inflationary times.

I teamed up with Behavioural Cash Flow Specialist Maura Shaftoe to support you in acknowledging and then dissolving the financial storm clouds that may be building up in your personal and business finances.

forgive myself for believing my financial future will take care of itself.

I give myself permission to create positive flow in my finances.

choose to create positive flow and calm around the financial changes that are happening.

I am free to be supported in creating a more empowering relationship with my money.  

I focus on what has worked in my financial world, and create new behaviours from there.

No blame, shame, or pressure to buy financial products – just honest education. It isn’t about making a budget, it is about creating flow by uncovering and transforming your relationship with money.

Behaviours shift as beliefs are re-patterned. Applying Belief Re-patterning specifically to your financial behaviours creates empowerment and is life changing.

We will help you identify and build on your strengths, and learn from and transform what isn’t working the way you would like it to.

Create tranquility and flow with your finances.

Join us live in Airdrie for:

Do Money Like It Makes Sense in Business August 17

Or Do Money Like It Makes Sense at Home August 18

Not in the area or can’t make it live?

Check out our Home Study option Behaviours and Beliefs

Improve your relationship with money and create tranquility and flow in your finances. You deserve it!