To Be Who I Am

I love music. For me it rates right up there with water and oxygen. It is organic, nutritious food for my soul. And some songs are simply my “comfort food”.

Steve and I met in Northern California 30 years ago. Since then, his music has sustained and encouraged hundreds of thousands around the world. He’s a genuine human being, interested in raising the experience of the human condition to “something even better”. And his song “To Be Who I am” is one of my “go tos” when I need a little encouragement to stretch myself a little further, BE more of who I know myself to be, and contribute more deeply to the life experience of others with whom I share this journey!

  • I forgive myself for believing that I am defined by others.
  • I give myself permission to define myself and let who I really am shine.
  •  I can regret what has happened in the past, or I can make a new decision and move forward defining who I really am. I choose to define who I really am!
  • I am free to define myself today by the smile I give the next person I meet!
  • I know what it feels like to show up authentically in the best way I know how!
  • I am being the best I can be, moment to moment, and discovering who I really am!

“Misery was all I got when I tried being what I’m not

The angels cheered from up above when I started doing what I love.

We all have our own roads to travel,

And we all have our own lights to shine

It’s been a long hard lesson, but I’ve come to understand

I was meant to be who I am.”

            Steve Seskin  

You were meant to be yourself – no one else can do that! Here’s to showing up and playing full-on!