Things Change

Just like that. Plans are altered, pathways converge or separate, and something else happens. Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.

  • I forgive myself for believing that this change has to be upsetting.
  • I give myself permission to find the positive and focus there.
  • I choose to be present to what is.
  • I am free to go with the flow and be excited about where this new turn of events takes me.
  • I know what it feels like to be completely present to what is and be open to what appears.
  • I am open and present.

With the notice that the radio tech is ill and today’s live show is cancelled and a rerun will be played I had a couple of choices: I could be upset because I had a special guest lined up to interview – a plan that has been 6 weeks in coming together…or I can be open to what excitement will happen for me instead. My choice. I’m going for the “upside”!

And while I am at it, I can be worried about my friend Cameron, or I can send loving, healing thoughts. Choice.

Staying on the upside, regardless of what is happening around you creates an amazing way of BE-ing in the world.

Things change.

What will you choose?