The Power of Kindness

It usually doesn’t cost much, and yet it is always priceless.

It is always a possibility, and it expands exponentially.

It feels good to give and to receive.

A simple act of kindness ripples out, like a pebble dropped into water.

I was wondering what message to write today, and the word “kind” came to mind.

And then I looked up at the muted TV screen in front of me, and the banner on the evening news story read The Power of Kindness”. It was, literally, “a sign”.

Kind words, kind thoughts, kind actions. Powerful.

I give myself permission to BE kind.

I choose to explore BEing mindfully kind – to myself and others.

I reflect on the kindness I received today as well as the kindness I extended.

A little kindness goes a long way.

A lot of kindness changes the world.

Someone needs your kindness today – and do remember to give some to the person looking back at you from your mirror.

Kindness is powerful.