The Greatest Revolution

More and more people are coming to understand what James called “the greatest revolution” in his generation at the end of the 1800s.

However – understanding it is different than living it – as we can attest more than a century later!

We “know” more than what we implement. Think of all you know about good eating and exercise, the benefits of ample sleep – and yet the decisions you make daily do not often reflect the “knowing” you have.

You absolutely can change your life by changing your thoughts, but sometimes – in fact often – it is challenging to consciously change your thoughts. What you really want to do is move from changing your inner attitude to creating the HABIT of having your thoughts automatically BE supportive and moving you toward creating what you truly desire.

So many of our thoughts are subconscious, and yet we still try to consciously “figure out” why we are getting the results we don’t want.

It can be crazy-making.

The answer is not to “work your face off” like a recent YouTube video suggested. You don’t need to push or discipline yourself.

There IS in fact a simple solution:

Train your subconscious mind to create those positive neural pathways and use them as your normal way of BE-ing.

The way you are now is simply a result of what you have learned and decided along the way. Many of us are living from habits that were formed when we were much younger and our world was much different. Yet we continue to habitually follow the pathways we created in a previous time in different situations. If it is working, terrific – hang on to the pattern.

But of you are tired of banging your head against a wall that is all too familiar, or getting dizzy being caught in the spin cycle of life, take a deep breath and know you have the ability to change your inner attitudes and thoughts. You are wired to learn.

  • I forgive myself for believing the way things have been is the way they have to stay.
  • I give myself permission to stop trying to figure out “why” things aren’t working, and instead focus on how I want to feel.
  • I choose to proactively train my subconscious mind to move to supportive thoughts – as a habit – by practicing supportive thoughts and feelings until they become subconscious habit.
  • I am free to consciously raise my thoughts today by telling myself “what went right” so far today. (Hint…you woke up is a great start!)
  • When my thoughts are supportive I get the results I want.This happened when I successfully…
  • I am shifting my inner attitude to one that supports me!


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What have you got to lose? RIGHT! Those old, non-supportive thought patterns that have held you hostage all these years.

I’m committed to helping individuals uncover who they REALLY are by moving past those inner conversations that drag you down, wear you out and keep you from living the life you aspire to live.

Inner Critic to Inner Coach is the next step in your journey to vibrant good health, solid loving relationships, purposeful work and a fulfilling life.

Take the step, now.




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