The Gifts You Bring to the World

Everyone is unique. No one person is more influential, important or “special” than any other. What is your purpose? You’ll likely never know until you truly acknowledge your gifts and uncover the courage to share them. Whatever makes your heart sing is “on purpose” and part of your gifts. Sharing from your heart and bringing the best of yourself to the world is what matters. It is why you are here.

Your purpose isn’t something you figure out and then live, your purpose is to be the best you can be in any set of circumstances and follow your intuition and inspiration. When you live from your heart, authentically, you‘ll uncover your purpose.


  • I forgive myself for believing I have to find my purpose.
  • I give myself permission to be my best self and allow my purpose to emerge from who I really am!
  • I choose to show up as the best version of myself I possibly can in any circumstance or situation.
  • I am free to to share who I really am with the world today by…
  • I know what it feels like to live from my heart, I did it when I …
  • I am learning to live my life “on purpose”!


What are your gifts? Jot down the names of several people you appreciate. Make a point form list of their gifts…then look at that list and you will discover it contains many of your gifts.

Mirror, mirror – thank you for sharing who you really are – it makes the world a better place.

It truly is the best gift you can give – not just during the holidays, but everyday. The gift of yourself, your true self, shared and expressed.