Taking my Own Great Advice

Have you ever given someone you care about great advice – only to have them ignore it and do something else? You KNEW if they’d only listened to you, they would have successfully navigated the challenge and moved forward with ease…why won’t they listen?

Our conversations are filled with it. We observe, and then we advise. We look to others for suggestions, and then discount it because it doesn’t fit, or it seems impossible. Why is that?

We all come to situations and circumstances with our own perceptions. A client I was speaking with this week told me “But I can’t trust people – they always say they are going to do something, and then they never follow through. I wish they would just do what they say they are going to.”

After re-patterning she realized she had actually stopped trusting herself. She’d made promises to herself and not followed through letting fear get in the way. She had a couple of choices – she could beat herself up and put herself down for not following through,  she could continue to let fear take her out of the game, or she could use the situation and take her own great advice…

Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a similar situation…

  • I forgive myself for believing I have to stay stuck in this situation.
  • I give myself permission to think about what I would suggest my best friend do if they were in this situation.
  • I can stay stuck, or I can follow my own great advice. I choose to follow my own advice!
  • I am free to try on what I would suggest to someone I care about. In the next 2 hours I will….
  • I know what it feels like to move forward with ease – it happened when I …
  • I am listening to what I would tell my good friend, and applying it to myself – this moves me forward!


Last week I suggested that you just stop, unplug, have a nap. I took my own terrific advice, and asked CTR to air a replay. I’m looking forward to being back, live on air this week, and chatting with you from3 -4pm (MT) Thursdays on ctrnetwork.com or catch any or all of the archives whenever you have time to listen.

Know you can re-pattern anything you choose!

… in fact you already ARE, simply by reading this. Your mind is incredible – let’s maximize your potential by letting it work for you. Go ahead, listen to the advice you are giving someone else, and then apply it to yourself. It is fun to take your own terrific advice…and it works!