Suze’s Muzings: Your subconscious mind – in training

 I am a swimmer. I love the way my body feels as I glide through the water, and my days are always better when I can begin with a kilometer swim. My mind relaxes into a deep meditative space with the repetitive back and forth, back and forth as I complete 40 lengths. I often incorporate the “word of the day” daily practice into my swim, and today I discovered a new twist!  

Each time I crossed the centerline of the pool, I focused on another example of that feeling in my life, or someone I would describe as being that way, or a way I could increase that attribute with ease in my life.

The more you can consciously train your mind in the direction you desire, the more powerful your subconscious mind will be in supporting you in achieving your goals.  

How are you training your subconscious mind today?



This week’s radio show: Those crazy-making questions…

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You know the ones – the questions that don’t really have an answer that is going to make a difference. Questions like “Why does this always happen to me?” or “Why did they do that?” or “Where did this come from?”

 Can you imagine having all the time and energy you have spent in the past asking yourself and others these “crazy-making questions” available to you?

 On today’s show, we’ll address these crazy-making questions head-on – and help you reclaim time and energy to focus on creating what you desire.