Suze’s Musings – “Work Hard”

Suze’s Musings……

“Work hard!”
…the cheerful comment from the greeter at the front desk at the Y today when I checked in.
I smiled and said “Thank you – I will play full on!”
In the locker room I overheard a woman saying she was “pushing through”, I thought “move through”
Her friend replied “no pain, no gain”…I switched in my mind to ” stretching and feeling terrific!”

Listen to the words others use to describe what they are doing, so often they are harsh … from the non-supportive side of the line… and it matters.
In your mind, practice switching those non-supportive comments you overhear to the “upside” of the line, and you will discover your inner conversations will shift up and your perspective will change.

It is easy to do, and keeps your mind moving in the direction that supports your dreams!


“I LOVE that you have a podcast now!! I am obsessed with them,
I listen to them all day at work and have been looking for a new one to add to my collection and I’m so glad it’s you!!!!
I have 9 hours of you lined up right now ;)”
Koko W. Portland, Oregon

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This week’s radio show:
Topic: Who are you? Who are you really?
How you answer these questions will let you know if your Inner Critic or your Inner Coach is running your life.
Rather than focusing on your shortcomings or downfalls
(…we all have them!)
…learn to focus on and build upon your strengths.
We all have those as well!
Today Suze helps you focus on who you really are, at your best, how to focus your mind there and then expand that.

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