Suze’s Musings: What is important to YOU?

What is important to YOU?

The phone rang on Saturday morning – my daughter’s number… I answered “Hi sweetie!” and was greeted with a deep, husky “Hi! Guess where I am?”

Since I knew my daughter wasn’t in New York, I squealed with excitement – my son, Dave, was home for a surprise visit! I had a super busy week planned, but time and space opened up when I remembered what is important…for me, that’s family.

This was taken at a fun breakfast out – great conversation with the once little guy, now a wonderful grown man, who is so special to me. Remember what is important to you, and let that guide your day. It is so easy to get caught up in the everyday do, do, do.

So, I know I am a bit behind on returning phone calls, and answering emails…oh well. What’s important to you?

What makes your heart sing, and a great big smile light up your day?

Give yourself permission to indulge in joy today!