Suze’s Musings – Sunday’s Reflections from Seat 17D

Sunday’s Reflections from Seat 17D
It is a beautiful clear, blue sky day and I’m off to Vancouver Island. On the way we pass over the Rocky Mountains and huge tracks of forested land. I see many, many roads. Some switch-backing up and down mountains. Some wider ones my eyes follow to a town or city. Some others lead to lakes, connecting people to places. And some appear to be remote and go nowhere – and yet I know they must – otherwise they wouldn’t have been built with the effort it takes to create a “way” from here to there.
It occurs to me the same applies to the pathways we create in our lives. So often I hear “I need to get on path” or “I don’t know where I’m going”. Trust. Even though the destination may not be clear, and the path may be winding and narrow – trust. It is going somewhere. Somewhere you may not be able to see or experience until after you’ve arrived. You aren’t stuck. You are on your path. You may want to create it differently than you have been…
I forgive myself for believing I’m stuck and going nowhere.
I give myself permission to recognize I’m creating my own path.
I can feel stuck or I can take steps in the direction that feels like me. I choose to take a conscious step today.
I am free to create my own path purposefully today when I list 10 things I’ve experienced this week that felt right.
I know what it feels like to be purposefully on path, I did it when I (reinforce the items on your list, one at a time with this sentence, and breathe in after each one)
I AM BE-coming more aware of the path I am creating, and trusting myself to navigate it!
I’m grateful for the all paths I’ve been on – both direct and meandering – they all brought me to this place from where I take another step forward.
Take steps in the direction that feels right, knowing you are creating your unique path that will, in its own time, become clear.
And if you are seeing clearly and moving rapidly, add purpose and commitment to your path and enjoy the journey!

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