Suze’s Musings – Spring Crocuses


Suze’s Musings…

Seemingly small and insignificant. An after dinner spring walk to pick crocuses 48 years ago. The next day my brother was born, and looking back I suspect the walk was more about supporting my mom in her last hours of pregnancy, but to this 7 year old it was an adventure to discover (and pick) these beautiful wild prairie crocuses. It is a spring ritual for me that I treasure – the coming of these delicate, seemingly small and insignificant flowers. I discovered they are heliotropic – that is they follow the sun. This adaptation allows them to thrive in harsh conditions – capturing as much light and warmth as possible in less than ideal growing conditions. They captivate me with their resilience, their beauty and their determination. They bring joy to my heart reminding me to find what nurtures me, especially when things are tough in my surroundings. Knowing the crocuses will appear has kept me smiling through late spring snowstorms – I know the snow is bringing much needed moisture to allow their growth. This year they appeared the day before my brother’s birthday, reminding me to attend to the seemingly small and insignificant coincidences, to mark the things that matter, to remember that what seems like an inconvenient storm may actually be the perfect nurturing of something very beautiful, very real, and very very special.