Suze’s Musings… Overwhelm to ease!

Overwhelm, stretched to the max, running yourself ragged? Whatever is going on for you, however the “busyness” is manifesting in your world, there is one simple solution.
I know, you are already flat out, and balls are dropping. Adding one more thing to the mix – taking care of yourself – simply isn’t on your radar.
And yet it is the sure-fire, simple solution. It works. Everytime.
The reason there is “no time” for you is because you are leaving yourself to last. When everything else is finished, then you will take time for you…however the next thing you know it is midnight and you are collapsing into bed, exhausted, only to repeat the same soul destroying pattern tomorrow.
Do yourself, and the world a great big favour.
Do something for you FIRST thing in the morning. A cup of tea, a quick walk around your neighbourhood, 10 minutes of journaling, or on your yoga mat. Something that nurtures you, fills you up, and let’s every part of you know you matter.

Try it for one week. The first 10 minutes, just for you.

I’m excited to hear what happens for you!


…for more ideas see Chapter 14 of Belief Re-patterning: The Amazing Technique for “Flipping the Switch” to Positive Thoughts (Hay House 2012)

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