Suze’s Musings – Ahhhh….Unplugged

Unplugged. Ah – the bliss of it. The constant information flow, the product of modern technology was designed to make life easier. However I often find it, becomes an incessant demand on my energy, time and available resources.

I used to have one day a week that was sacrosanct – completely unplugged, and then that gift eroded as I found myself “trying to catch up” to the increasing load of email, voice-mail and Facebook. All designed to help me connect – yet last week I could feel the sneakiness of overwhelm intruding and I decided to wake up where there are no beeps, no Instant Messaging, no dinging reminders of something else needing my focus.

So I went to the lake, where the cell coverage is iffy and unplugged. The sound of the waves lapping the shore and the wind in the trees is a balm to my soul. For 4 days I was sleeping when tired, eating when hungry, laughing a lot, and renewing…and remembering the importance of being “unplugged”.

For me, it is a necessity. I am recommitting to being available only to my thoughts, needs and desires one day a week. I’ve also begun to plan a series of 4 day “non-electronic” times through out the summer…and I am putting “unplugged” time into my daily way of being.

The feeling of peace and gratitude emanating from my soul is delicious. And the creative juices are flowing…


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This week’s radio show: Topic: Finding (and Raising) Your Voice

Show Guest: Kira Small

The constant need to connect with others has actually stolen the natural ability to connect with ourselves. Just being alone with your own thoughts is an unusual luxury. How do we imagine we can find our voice if we aren’t listening to our quiet inner voice? How can our voice emerge when we are constantly looking outside of ourselves for input? Many of us only know our own voice when it explodes in anger or frustration, but everyone has a voice that comes from the heart, a voice that speaks with passion. Connect to your own inner wisdom and join my conversation with songwriter Kira Small whose song “I Will Raise My Voice” will be profiled on this week’s show.


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