Suze’s Musing Jan 16, 2013

Receiving: Worthy and Deserving
Oh dear – have you been deflecting? Abraham says if you aren’t yet receiving what you truly desire, you are not yet vibrating at a high enough frequency to receive it…It all begins with exercising your ability to receive with ease – what a great way to start 2013!

Just say “Yes, thank-you!”

Notice today how often someone asks if they can help you, and then say “Yes, thank-you!” Even if it is easier to just do it yourself, allow the support in small ways and say “Yes, thank you!” to any and all offers of assistance. You know how wonderful it feels to give to others – stop denying that sure to those in your life who are trying to give to you.

I know you CAN do it yourself, but allow yourself to receive – whether it be help carrying groceries, an opened door, a hand with household chores, an offer of a coffee, or a compliment – practice saying “Yes, thank you!” Your Inner Coach LOVES this conscious practice, and your gratitude expands, raising your vibration and allowing you to receive with more grace and ease.

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