SuperWoman kind of day!

Re-entry – from a holiday, or illness, or time off can make you wonder if you’ll ever find your balance point. That’s how I felt this morning. The first two days back from our unexpected Australian trip, I saw clients. Client days are always joyful for me, witnessing the movement of individuals from the “stuck” to creative, positive forward places.

Today was a “desk day”. Time to catch-up on all the things that had happened while I was away, and the pile seemed overwhelming! Yes – I get there too – more “to do” than SuperWoman and 6 of her super-hero friends could possibly accomplish in one day rose before me this morning. Daunting, yes – until I did what I know how to do – I chose my word for the day.


Seriously, there are 999 supportive energy words in Pocket Full of Possibilities, and I muscle-tested my way to page 6, column 2, section 1, word 4. If you’ve taken Flip Your Switch, are a one-on- one client, or have done Daily Practice 101, you’ll understand what I mean. If you haven’t let me just say there was a 1 in 999 chance that “Focus” would be my guiding word for today.

I opened up my journal and wrote the word: Focus.

Then I did these re-patterning statements:

  • I forgive myself for believing I need to go to a place of overwhelm.
  • I give myself permission to focus.
  • I can focus or I can be overwhelmed – I choose to focus
  • I am free to move through today with focus.
  • I know what it feels like to be focused, I just focused for 10 minutes on my word for today and I am moving forward!
  • I am focused and my creativity is kicking in – that’s just like me on a very full, and very accomplishing day!

At the end of the day I am gratified by my accomplishments. I used a bunch of the activities I teach – Brain Dump, Just 10 Minutes, Do Something Physical, Highlighting the “To Done” list – yes I am my own best client!

And the most important one of all – being gentle and kind to myself by accepting I am human.

Although, looking back – it was a pretty much SuperWoman kind of day!