Spring into More Abundance!

When the topic of money comes up, once sane people can become defensive, belligerent, uncomfortable or angry.

Wars have been fought over it, marriages ended, business partnerships dissolved, societies collapsed.

I was at a two day personal development course – it is one that I have attended regularly as a “touchstone” over the past 15 years. Each time I attend I come to new awarenesses and understandings. This time I uncovered an old belief – “I work for money”. I was kind of surprised when it popped into my awareness. It is true that I work, and I receive money. That is a reality – however, it doesn’t need to be my belief. I shifted my perception of money to “I allow money to support me”. This simple shift in the energy around my finances allows the back and forth flow, and has already begun to manifest in delightful ways.

  • forgive myself for believing that I work hard for money without it supporting me.
  • I give myself permission to be supported by my money.
  • choose to be supported positively by all the money in my life
  • I am free to be completely supported by money.
  • I felt supported by money when I _____________.
  • I am increasing the support my finances bring me, and the flow of abundance increases.
  • Big pat on the back to me for creating more supportive finances!

You know that whatever you focus on expands, and focusing on being supported expands that support! I love when I have these shifts of perceptions and I get visible evidence of how the world of energy works! I share some supportive ideas on this week’s show replay. Let’s shift your energy around money!



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