Something to warm you Solstice 2022

It is a bitterly cold day. Thermometer at -34C when I woke up. It “warmed up” to -30C by 10:30, and the wind chill factor is now -38C… a full six degrees warmer than the -44C it was when I opened my eyes. The sun sets this afternoon at 4:29pm, and rises tomorrow at 8:38am. One minute short of 18 hours of darkness. A forecasted “high” of -28C!

It is the eve of Solstice. The rhythms of the natural world are in sync, and the Northern Hemisphere is once again shifting from darkness and cold toward the light, and the warmth that comes with it. We still have months of winter ahead, however the Solstice creates hope and belief that the current cold darkness is not permanent.
It is bitterly cold and dark.

forgive myself for believing it will always be like this.

I give myself permission to find the warmth and the light.

choose to focus on where there is warmth and where I can see light.

I am grateful for the open-hearted warmth of those around me during this holiday season.

I am free to let the light in this afternoon as I *turn on my decorations!*

will also experience warmth as I *read in front of the fireplace this evening.*

am free to experience increased warmth and light as I listen to Salsa for Solstice, included in this email!

know what warmth and light feel like, I experienced when I *listened to Phil playing guitar last night!*

I am increasing the light and warmth in myself, and it ripples out to others.

I am grateful for the light and warmth I have – and I willingly share it with others.

*My examples above are for illustration – say the phrases with your own examples and feel the warmth and light increase within your body, mind and soul!*

I’m including a brand new tune of Phil’s. He wrote it last week as he was recording his greatly anticipate Seasonal Album! Salsa for Solstice is the first track on his just released recording “I’m Telling You Why”.
May it bring light and warmth to you!

I am off to assemble Christmas Hampers at the Food Bank.

So grateful for the light and warmth I have to share.