Relationships, Really?

“I need to set some boundaries.”

It is a popular understanding in modern psychology, but I wonder how the concept of boundaries relates to the quantum philosophy of

“What we resist, persists?” (Alan Cohen).

Fences make good neighbours…yes…but they also require painting, repair and compliance – when the stray ball comes over the fence there is an annoyance of a violation of personal space.

What we resist, persists.

What about an open space, with intentional guidelines and understandings, spoken cleanly and clearly? Can you imagine living in that kind of a world? Building a solid relationship with yourself supports you in all your other relationships. It is less about boundaries and more about clarity – let’s just get clear with ourselves.

It’s way more fun, and way easier than setting boundaries.

Why are they so challenging? We all want to be connected, valued and loved – we search for it, yearn for it, and pray for it. Looking for love in all the wrong places sometimes we land in dysfunctional partnerships, experience family power struggles, and wonder if we will ever be truly understood.

The answer is yes. Realizing those close to us are a mirror for what is happening within us, today we’ll talk about how we can use those relationship challenges to come to a better understanding of ourselves.
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