Perspectives Shift!

Pulling out of my parking spot at the pool this morning, my eyes were blasted by the intense sunrise low on the horizon. I couldn’t see much of anything, but I kept moving forward slowly knowing that soon things would become clear. As my car crawled forward the angle of the sunlight and my perspective shifted. Immediately everything came into focus.

I realized as I drove home, that often we stop when we can’t see where we are going. It is wise not to continue at full speed when your vision is not clear, but to stop completely creates that stuck feeling. There have been times in my life when the future was so bright it stalled me out, and I’ve seen it happen to wonderful people around me. Amazing opportunities, wonderful possibilities, and a flow of abundance is right in front of them – but they are immobilized by not being able to see clearly. It is usually one of two things making them stuck: either the fear of the unknown or a feeling that they are not quite good enough to claim all of that light.


  • I forgive myself for believing that I have to wait until I can see clearly before I move forward.
  • I give myself permission to move in the direction of my dreams, however slowly, until the perspective shifts and I can see clearly.
  • I can wait for the light to move, or I can move toward it purposefully. It’s my choice!
  • I am free to move toward the light purposefully, expanding my feelings of worthiness in order to accept all of the good that is there and waiting for me!
  • I stepped through the fear, and claimed my light when I… (entered into my partnership, made that extra call to a prospective client, spoke my truth)
  • I am moving toward the light. I am deserving and worthy of all the good!


Find your light, take a step courageously in the direction of it. Perspectives will shift and you’ll begin to see clearly. That’s how it works!