Perfect Alignment

On Sunday morning I turned the calendar to discover a perfectly symmetrical month!

“Look! This month is in perfect alignment  – all organized, and tidy –  each row beginning and ending where it should – I wonder how often that happens.”

My partner looked at me quizzically and then became very quiet. My  random observation, and purely metaphorical musing was a math problem for him to solve. About a minute later he replied, “On average 3 months in 28 years – I think.”

His mind figured out the equation (how he does it I have no concept) AND found an answer while my mind was busy imagining the bliss of 28 days of orderly, predictable, “everything where and how it should be.”

Different minds, different perspectives – aren’t we all amazing! And his answer helped me come to my answer…and I want it more often than 3 times in 28 years.

My January was a month of rapid change, upheaval and the passing of three individuals who had a profound influence on me… and I was simply hankering for the idea of a month that would fit neatly into a box.

I’ve decided to put a big bow on the gift box that is February.

My answer lies inside that giftbox of this month…

Time to reach deeply into my heart and feel the truth of my life

-       Naps – lots of them, and many cups of tea

-       Long conversations with dear friends and loads of hugs

-       … and fun – lots of fun!

  • I forgive myself for believing there just isn’t time.
  • I give myself permission to savour the moment.
  • I can rush or I can gift myself the time for what really matters – I choose to be present.
  • I am free to find my place of heart.
  • I know that place of presence – I experienced it when…
  • I am learning to live more deeply from my heart-space and savouring life.


More balance every month, not just the months that are in perfect alignment.

Whether or not the calendar lines up, I’m making every day one of more symmetry.

Alignment isn’t outside of me, it is living body, mind and spirit in harmony.

It is exploring new ways of living more deeply from my heart-space…and in the process living in a way that really matters.

With gratitude to mom, my aunt and my friend whose passing led me to a place of profound peacefulness with what is.