Navigating Loss

My 93 year old Dad is a philosopher at heart – I value his perspectives, and have let his wisdom guide me for most of my life (even if I didn’t admit it when I when I was a teenager!) Dad is a retired veterinarian, and World War II veteran. He is deeply pragmatic, practical and stoic, and he frequently says ”No one and nothing gets off this planet alive.” “Astronauts are not exempt, they come back”, he explained when I pointed out what I thought was the exception to the rule.

Intellectually we all understand that death is a natural transition of life, change is natural. Loved ones are born, they share a part of the journey with us, and they pass. However our modern North American way of being has developed a “don’t look and it won’t happen” approach to death and dying. There is a fear that comes from not understanding how to “Be” with the loss of someone – or something – we love or value.

  • I forgive myself for believing that the one I love is gone.
  • I give myself permission to create a new relationship of gratitude with my loved one.
  • I choose to focus on their positive attributes and be grateful for their presence in my life.
  • I am free to try on those attributes and deepen them within me.
  • I know what it feels like to learn from them while they were here with me.
  • I am continuing the learning and I am grateful!


Sending love and light to you.