My guiding word for 2015 . . .

My guiding word for 2015 “Influence” continues to impact my thinking, and I ask myself questions like…

Who do I choose to influence me?

What influences impact me in supportive ways?

Where will I place my energy to create the greatest positive influence?

How might I be a better influence?

How have I influenced the organizations and groups I belong to?

What kind of an influence do I want to be today?

Whose influence do I respect, and why?

Do I like the influence I see I’ve been? How would I like to influence in the future?


  • I forgive myself for all the times I’ve been influenced in the past by people and ideas that didn’t support me.
  • I give myself permission to be aware of what I allow to influence me.
  • I can be swayed to either side of the line – I choose to follow what supports me in becoming a more positive influence!
  • I am free to change my influences to something that works for me.
  • I was positively influenced today by…
  • I am continuously influencing and being influenced, and I am conscious of the impact.


A lovely quote crossed my desk early in the new year…

“Every moment in front of another human being is an opportunity to influence someone with my humanity.” Robin Sharma

When you set your intention, the messages come in wonderful ways!

What opportunity will you take today to create a positive difference?