Musing by Suze: Insights # 59 – The Gifts You Give Yourself

What an incredible gift…
I am resident at a Spiritual Retreat Centre nestled into the pines in the foothills of Central Alberta for the month of December. This morning I wondered how I would notice 12-12-12, what I would I do to bring the energy of this date into my life. I gifted myself a quiet “sit” on a bench in the woods at 12:12 pm for 12 minutes, alongside a river. It is -18C – for those of you who only know the F way of measuring temperature, it is just very cold! As I sat beside the river marveling at the bubbling energy of the water that wasn’t frozen, and noticing the tracks of various animals who frequent the river valley for survival I became really, really aware. The river’s energy, despite all of the frozen stillness around it, is always teeming with life, nurturing and calming and just being.

My attention was drawn to the sound of the traffic on the highway – the cold, crisp air was a conduit for the sound that usually is absorbed by the trees. I thought about how “busy doing” all of those people were, and congratulated myself on just “quietly being” – and then I realized. This quiet place of being, alive with nourishing energy is always available for me to gift to myself – even when I am caught up in the busy-ness of life. Quiet, reflective moments are always available. I knew this, but with this gift I came to know it in a deeper way. I headed into the lodge with the warmth of the fireplace and a cup of camomille tea.

What are the gifts you give yourself this holiday season?

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