Loving my body – Just the way it is!

I’ve been spending time this week with the elders of my family, and having cause for a lot of gratitude. That I can still be with them, and visit – and play game after game of cards and scrabble, and drink pots and pots of tea while hearing their memories and listening to the stories! Watching them move slowly, their bodies showing the affect of their age (they are all in their 90s!) I am grateful for my ability to do simple things – like bend over to pick up a dropped sock, do up my buttons, walk up a flight of stairs, sing, laugh, feel the sun on my face…


  • I ask my body to forgive me for all the times I’ve put it down for …
  • I give myself permission to focus on what I am physically able to do, and what parts of my body work wonderfully!
  • I can focus on physical limitations, or I can focus on how amazing my body works – I choose to be grateful for what my body can do!
  • I am free to celebrate my physical BE-ing today by…
  • I am grateful for the way my body….


Your body is truly amazing – how will you show your gratitude to your physical BE-ing today? By making healthy food choices? Taking yourself for a walk? Snuggling with yourself under a warm blanket?

Looking in the mirror and thanking your body for everything it has done for you today?

Sending you a great big hug, and giving myself one of gratitude,