Keys stuck!

Last week I was in Surrey BC on an intensive 5 day Training Program. Time was tight, and I was working on the course material and eating my lunch. All of a sudden the screen began going crazy. Files opening up, sound files blaring – it was as if my computer was possessed! I closed it down, and tried to re-start…my password wouldn’t work! The caps lock and Shift key were both stuck…

Off to the local Apple Store – which happened to be across the street from the hotel – handy. Turned out some of my lunch had fallen into the keyboard. A shot of compressed air, and I was back in business – except for email.

The course was an Intensive 12+ hours/day in class, with homework on top of that, and although I was grateful for the extra time not having email created, I knew I was getting further behind in my business.

Four days of no communication with my office and clients. YIKES (If you haven’t heard back from me, now you know why!!) Day 5 I was sitting with Frank, another participant in the class.

I mentioned the challenge I am having with email.

He reminds me he is an IT guy.

Email fixed in 2 minutes.

He had been with me in class for those 4 days, and it hadn’t occurred to me to ask him for help.

Who is sitting right beside you who can help you with a challenge?

  • I forgive myself for believing I have to do it all myself.
  • I give myself permission to ask for what I need.
  • I choose see the resources I already have within my reach.
  • I am free to receive the support and assistance I need with ease.
  • I know what it feels like to have what I need within my reach – the Apple store was close by!
  • I am supported. What I need is right beside me.


You may not have to wait, you may not have to run across the street.

Just ask for what you need, and then be willing to receive the support graciously when it arrives, right where you are.

It can be that simple.

Can you hear The Universe giggling, and exclaiming “I Think She’s Got IT!”