It’s NOT a crime…

You’d think I’m asking people to commit a crime.

“If I consider myself first, isn’t that being egotistical?”

Being egotistical is actually a cover-up for not feeling good about yourself.

What you are doing when you consider yourself first is learning to feel better about yourself by giving yourself some consideration. I’m not suggesting a 24/7 thing… just a simple 10 or 15 minutes, consider yourself first. I’d suggest doing it early in the day.

And if you think it is crazy, you’ve likely had a habit of being the first to sabotage yourself…doesn’t considering yourself first make more sense?

  • forgive myself for believing that everything else has to get done before there is time for me.
  • I give myself permission to do something first thing every day this week just for me.
  • choose to stop leaving myself until last, by considering myself first every morning.
  • I’m free to consider myself first as I plan my days this week.
  • When I consider myself first, I feel as if I matter.
  • I do matter, and I am learning to consider myself first.

Where there is a twinkling of light in the darkness there is hope.

This small change will bring huge results. Make the decision… and watch with amazement what you create!



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