It may be Better to Give than Receive, but it’s Best to Receive Well!

I love buying presents. I love wrapping presents. I love giving presents.

However, learning to receive has been a bit of a journey!

I remember as a child feeling uncomfortable, even squirmy about receiving gifts.

In the past I was told I’m “Hard to buy for” – and I realized it was because I didn’t feel worthy of whatever gift I was given. I’ve re-patterned around this over the years, and lo and behold, this year I’ve discovered it is time to “up” my ability to receive openly and freely. I’m in a new space and the energy is higher, and so this life-lesson of receiving has arrived again, encouraging me to deepen my self-worth. If you discover the “same” thing coming up that you’ve re-patterned in the past, don’t make the mistake of thinking you “aren’t doing it right”. Instead, know it is simply an opportunity for you to deepen your learning, expand your ability and raise your vibration.

After giving myself this gift, I thought I’d send it along to you as well…

  • forgive myself for believing I’m not worthy of the gifts – material and spiritual – that are given to me.
  • I ask my family, friends, and my higher power to forgive me for all the times I’ve unknowingly deflected their gifts.
  • I give myself permission to realize I am worthy of these gifts.
  • I give myself permission to be just as excited about receiving as I am about giving.
  • When I receive with grace, I am choosing to honor the giver. That is the greatest gift I can give!
  • There can be no giving with a reciprocal receiving. I am free to become both an amazing receiver and giver!
  • love giving joy to my friends and family with my appreciative receiving!
  • am raising my willingness to receive from a place of worth – I am deserving and very grateful!