It is ALL a story…..

We are making all of it up all the time.

Humans are story-making machines.

It’s time to rewrite some of those old stories that have been dragging you down and wearing you out. Shift your perspective and create another possible story – one that is more supportive and life-giving, 


  • I forgive myself for believing that there is only one way to remember that event.
  • I give myself permission to rewrite that old story – I’m tired of it draining my energy.
  • I can hold on to the old story that drains my energy, or I can shift my perspective to something that supports me. I choose to create a story from a new perspective.
  • I am free to determine the positive learning from the situation and rewrite the story from that perspective.
  • I know what it feels like to change my perspective to something that supports me.
  • I am in the process of creating stories that energize and support me.

We are all weaving stories around today’s events. Imagine if today’s stories were all bound in covers of support and encouragement.

Here’s to using our wonderful powerful imaginations to create stories that empower us.  and raise the energy of those we care about!