It is a crazy making question…..

Why did it snow?
A crazy-making question.
We could examine the barometric pressure, determine the number of times snow has fallen in this date, look to see the rise and fall of the highs and lows – but really it doesn’t matter.

It snowed, now what?

Trying to figure out why something happened can be crazy-making.

Being present to what is will free your energy, allow your thoughts to be creative and raise your vibration. You can complain about the snow, or shovel the driveway – or make snow angels.

How you respond to any given situation is up to you. If letting go of the reaction, and moving into the response seems challenging, get some support – you’ll be happier and likely live longer when you learn to be present to what is!

I know for most of you spring has firmly arrived – but here in Western Canada the snow shovel remains at the front door. Some days it just snows, now what?

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One of the easiest ways to raise your vibration is to stop asking yourself crazy-making questions – you know, the kind of question that doesn’t really have a supportive answer that will make a positive difference. Call in today with your “crazy-making questions” and Suze will support you in letting go and moving forward! Listen in and re-pattern your own repetitive, irritating and, well, crazy-making thoughts!

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