Is Your Money Story Working For You?

Money. We all have stories around it. Some of those stories support us, and some do not. Anxiety, shame, confusion – all real feelings – are wrapped into the stories we tell ourselves. The feelings are real.

I used to feel physically ill when I had to do taxes with my accountant, nervous when talking with my clients about fees, uncomfortable talking with my partner around household finances. I had a story that money made me anxious. The feelings were real, and debilitating.

The feelings didn’t come from money, but rather the STORY I had about money. Moving Day – I was 9. How exciting – Mary, across the street had just turned 10! As kids do, we had easy conversation. I told her the price of our house. Mary told her parents, and when Mary’s Dad, a Bank Manager, crossed the street to meet my parents he mentioned what a great deal they received on the house. When he left, my parents sat me down in our new kitchen and had me write “I will NOT talk about money to others” – three full pages of lines. My excitement turned to shame, fear and the feeling that I was bad, and so was money.

That 15 minutes wrote my money story for decades. Without me realizing, it informed my financial decisions, created poor money habits, and caused physical and emotional challenges. The lesson I took from that day created a story that it wasn’t good to talk about money, and I had to do it all on my own.

I realized I needed to rewrite the story I had around money. I re-patterned. I shifted the anxiety, the discomfort and the fear and created feelings of calm, ease and confidence around money. I rewrote the story.

Shifting the emotions creates a new story.

For the past 25 years I’ve let this new story of abundance, prosperity and worth inform my financial decisions, build supportive money habits, and create physical and emotional well-being.

I am committed to help you do the same.

forgive myself for believing any unsupportive stories I have around money and finances.

I give myself permission to shift the unsupportive story by re-patterning the emotional ties.

choose to have supportive conversations around money, and feel confident and calm.

I am free to do that today as I explore new possibilities.

know how it feels to transform an old, unsupportive story – I’ve done it before.

Now I am doing it around money.

I am grateful I shifted the energy I was holding around money, and I’m excited to guide you in creating money stories that support you and your dreams. It all starts with shifting the energy to allow supportive conversations around money.

Let’s do this, together.