Is it all feeling a bit weird these days?

If you aren’t totally comfortable or confident these days – it’s OK – there is A LOT of that going on.

It seems everyone is in some place of awkward strangenesss – unsure about things, confused – neither here nor there.

If you are in a solid spot, it is likely that some of your family, friends and colleagues are not – and then that is weird and confusing.

What to do when there is so much shifting and changing – not sure who or what you can trust, unsure whether to do or not do things you used to take for granted – it erodes our knowing of who we are.

Our brains were not wired for so much uncertainty – and so it is time to get certain with what you can.

There has been a lot of stress – maybe within you, and certainly around you.

It is time for a MindSet Reset.

To get your mind to calm instead of spinning.

To get solid, and feel centered.

To deepen your confidence in yourself and your comfort in the bigger space of your world.

Try on these re-patterning statements…

forgive myself for believing the way things are now is the way things will stay.

recognize the “strangeness” of being out in the world again.

would like to feel comfortable and confident – but things just feel weird.

am ready to find my confidence and be comfortable again.

One thing I could easily do today that feels comfortable and confident is…

(pick something you KNOW you are able to do successfully… go for a walk, talk to my neighbour, go to the grocery store)

can also increase my confidence and comfort tonight by… (something simple – only relies on you… packing my computer bag with what I need tomorrow, taking a drive, making dinner)

remember feeling confident and comfortable with myself, it happened when I… (real examples that bring you the feeling to reinforce your comfort and confidence)

I am consciously focusing on and expanding my confidence and comfort. That feels more like me!

I am grateful to  myself as I expand my confidence and comfort in the strangeness that is our day to day these days.

I get it – and it doesn’t need to be such a struggle. Let’s each create more ease and confidence, and the world around us will calm down too. It’s time to get out of the spin cycle. Let’s do this!



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