“I’m just so stuck”

This week we are dismantling a family home. Major transition for my partner’s mother who within a month buried her husband, moved into assisted care and is set for hip replacement surgery today. Her courage and acceptance inspires me.

As her daughter, son and I move from room to room, through the garage and shed we sort through decades of books read, Christmases shared and trips experienced. “Mum” has chosen to have us visit her in her new surroundings. She chooses to look forward, not back – something I imagine she learned as a teenager transported from her home in Palestine to Australia as a civilian prisoner of war. She’s done it before, and knows that home is where you choose it to be.

She walked out the front door, and locked it one last time. She closed the door on a lifetime of collections and material goods. She has moved forward travelling lightly with many wonderful memories.

While we transform what was her home it into a house readying it for the next family who will call it home I reflect on how easily any of us can make a transition – simply by looking forward.


  • I forgive myself for believing I need to feel stuck.
  • I give myself permission to move forward with ease.
  • I choose to stop hanging onto the old ways, and step into the new space with grace.
  • I am free to take one step toward what I really want.
  • I appreciate ______________ who has moved forward with a grace and ease I aspire to!
  • I am learning to move forward and step courageously into what I truly want.