HO HO HO! or Ho-hum?

Holy Days. A time for nurturing your spirit. It isn’t about the gifts, or the food, or the decorations. It is about connecting with the best part of ourselves and celebrating our connections.

Everyone has their stories, their memories, their demons and their delights. Emotions run high, and nerves can get frayed. Whether it is your sister-in-law, your kids, your partner, or the clerk at the store, everyone can use just a little extra understanding and compassion. Even you.

  • I forgive myself for believing I need to get caught up in the stress of the season.
  • I give myself permission to care for myself with enough rest, and quiet time.
  • I choose to enjoy this holiday season, creating more peace and joy for the world by creating it for myself!
  • I am free to create joy in my heart today by… (go ahead – sing along to a favourite song or phone a good friend! What brings you joy?)
  • I know what it feels like to create joy by connecting to my own spirit, it happens when I … (make a list of what makes your heart sing – and consciously create the feeling a couple of times a day)
  • I am nurturing my spirit and creating joy!

Turning the ho-hum into HOHOHO for yourself is the best gift ever – it will be the perfect size and be EXACTLY what you want!