For your holiday gift giving….

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We’d all love the people in our lives to experience more joy, more peace, more love.

Give those gifts this holiday season!

You’ve discovered you can experience more of what you desire through re-patterning your beliefs. 

Pay it forward, and create more harmony and ease in your life this holiday season! 

**The ‘Holiday Pack’: 

- Belief Re-patterning book ($20 Value) 

- Health Keeper ($20 Value)

- Eye Mask ($10 Value) 

- Pocketful ($10 Value) 

- CD ($20 Value) 

($80 Value)

For only $49.99 (plus gst)+ $15 Shipping 


**Holiday ‘Bonus’ Pack: 

- Belief Re-patterning book ($20 Value) 

- Health Keeper ($20 Value)

- Eye Mask ($10 Value) 

- Pocketful ($10 Value) 

- CD ($20 Value) 

Plus **** 30 Minute Skype Session with Suze****

($162.50 Value) 

All of this for only $99 (plus gst) + $15 Shipping 

 Choose to gift a signed copy of “Belief Re-patterning: The Amazing Technique for “Flipping the Switch” to Positive Thoughts”   Order a book for everyone on your list!   Let us know how you want your books personalized! 

As an expression of gratitude, Suze has her special introductory Gift Certificates for an individual one-on-one phone session at the incredible rate of $99/hour .  Include a “one on one” gift certificate with a book or Pack as a gift from you…

… AND for every Gift Certificate you purchase for someone on your list, you have the opportunity to gift a session to yourself at the same special rate.

Let the Belief Re-patterning team take care of your Christmas list with our Holiday Pack and/or gift certificates. 

    ….And let us support you.

         Nurture yourself this holiday season with the gift of Belief Re-patterning.

Please allow sufficient time for shipments to arrive. Orders are best placed before the dates below to ensure arrival by holiday season:
Dec 16 for outside of North America
Dec 18 for USA and Canada

When we see a “ship to” address different from the “purchasers” address, ensure that the  “ship to” address includes the first name of the person you wish the book to be inscribed to.- To place an order for multiple books inscribed to friends and family, shipped to one address. Simply forward the receipt from PayPal to at, with the list of   names for Suze to personalize. 

Commit to positive, lasting change in your life. Begin today!

The Life you Desire is within Reach!