“FLIP YOUR SWITCH” from Inner Critic to Inner Coach

“If you spoke to your friends the way you speak to yourself, how many friends would you have?”

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Learn how your inner thoughts and self-talk affects your behaviour, your energy and the energy of others.

Discover practical and effective ways YOU can easily learn to

“Flip Your Switch” between the “Inner Critic” and the” Inner Coach” in you.

Use this knowledge to change your thoughts, change your behaviour and change your outcomes, to create what you desire personally, professionally, physically, and spiritually.

A 3-hour introduction into using the technique for yourself!

You will have access to the Learning Center and recordings of courses for 3 months following your course.

“I have been doing the Belief Re-patterning daily since I took Flip Your Switch last weekend, and it has been amazing to see the shift in my life in just one week. – Lisa Caputo, Senior Business Analyst

“After attending the “Flip Your Switch” course in November, 2011, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the course offer, and what a fantastic experience it was for me. Really, it just all made so much more sense to me as the course presentations progressed. Each demonstration so perfectly illustrated the Belief Re-patterning method in action, much to the delight of us all. When the course was finished, I felt the comfort of my reaffirmation that this method is quick, simple but so accurate in practice, and it totally works! Thank you, Suze, and all the Belief Re-patterning Practitioners!” – Laura

“Why I attend “Flip Your Switch” every opportunity I get.

– RE-INFORCES my proactive daily practise and builds the habit
– every Flip is different as it is created by the group participating
– I stay current with the technique … this is a living thing and phrases and understanding deepens as it grows – opportunity to see how other practioners work and speak about BR”. – Brenda H

Investment: $99.00 +GST  YOUR ticket is a gift from a sponsoring business! TO RECEIVE YOUR GIFT, WHEN YOU REGISTER, USE DISCOUNT CODE: FYS BC

DATE: Thursday, July 9th

TIME: 6-9:00 pm

LOCATION: The Bradley Center, 975 Shearme Rd, Coombs, BC

Local Contact: Thelma – 250-248-2667


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